1986 – Original office opens – MacKay & Partners, Yellowknife opens an office in Iqaluit supervised by Andrew Waywell

1992 – A new firm name – MacKay Landau is created by Andrew Waywell, MacKay & Partners and Fuller Landau

1994 – Early expansion – Philip Clark joins Andrew Waywell as a partner of the firm

1999 – Birth of a territory – Nunavut is born

2001 – An Arctic adventure begins – Shawn Lester joins Andrew Waywell and Philip Clark as a partner after joining the firm as an employee in Dec. 2000

2003 – Contractor to partner – Andrew Plunkett becomes a partner of the firm

2004 – A change for family – Philip Clark retires as a partner of the firm

2007 – A move to the South – Andrew Plunkett retires as a partner of the firm

2012 – Founding partner retires – Andrew Waywell retires as a partner of the firm

2012 – 100% Nunavut owned – Mackay LLP and Fuller Landau LLP withdraw as part owners of the firm

2012 – New energy in managing the firm - Geoffrey Oliver and Debbie Lyng join Shawn Lester as partners of the firm

2012 – Expansion into Rankin Inlet – The firm expands by opening an office in Rankin Inlet

2013 – Same exceptional service but with a new name – MacKay Landau changes its name to Lester Landau

2016 – Celebrating 30 years of serving Nunavut from Nunavut

2017 – Geoffrey Oliver leaves the partnership to explore life beyond public accounting