Personal Tax

We have prepared tax returns for residents of Nunavut since opening our office doors in 1986. Our office receives tax returns from throughout Nunavut and we have opened an office in Rankin Inlet to service clients in their home town. For those residing outside of Iqaluit or Rankin Inlet, returns can still be mailed to either office.  In more recent years we have developed a system for handling personal returns through email so that we are available to any Nunavut resident.

Individuals filing a tax return in the North have a key benefit in the Northern Residents deductions for travel and residency. However, these are also items which are routinely challenged by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Our offices are open year-round in the event the CRA assesses your return and we can assist you in providing information or challenging amounts imposed.

Online software will help you file your return but it’s tough to match 30+ years of experience.

Corporate Tax

The Income Tax Act continues to grow in size and complexity and compliance with it means understanding new rules and regulations. We are continually updating our professional knowledge through research and income tax courses. We strive to minimize tax while ensuring to stay within the confines of the Act.

While the partners and staff of Lester Landau are trained in corporate tax, we often call in specialists if there is a need. We have the resources and referral network to cover any tax situation and have advised in business and asset sales, non-taxable status, dispute resolution, advanced tax rulings, and remission orders.